Friday, July 15, 2011

A Short Review of how Spotify didn't Work for Me

A friend of mine gave me an invitation to try out Spotify yesterday, and I've to say that I'm not impressed. The download of the software was perhaps the best part of the experience.

From then on, it was a nightmare. Spotify was slow to install, and on the inital boot - slow to load. Once I got it up and running, I found that the controls were not at all intuitive. It took me a while to figure out how to load the songs and then get them to play.

Once loaded, all was find for a while. But believe me, Spotify is a memory hog. My Windows XP computer was slowed to a crawl. I finally had to quit the program, then restart the computer.

Sure, it's an older Acer, but it's running (as I said ) Windows XP. I've got a gig of RAM. The computer should not have dragged with only Outlook and Spotify open. But it did. Hell, it nearly ground to a halt.

After I got the computer restarted, I gave Spotify another shot. This time, it outright refused to load. About halfway through the launch, the computer froze. I couldn't even get the three-fingered salute to work. I had to cold boot the machine.

I tried once more yesterday, and once more this morning. Each time, Spotify froze my computer on launch. Again, I had to cold boot the machine to get it running.

So, after less than 24 hours, I uninstalled Spotify. I won't recommend it to others.

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